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  • It is in APCOA’s legitimate interests to accept bookings for use of the Car Park as well as to regulate parking by those using the car park in accordance with such a booking. Also, you enter into a contract every time you book to use the car park as well as every time you make use of it. This includes your agreement to your information being processed as part of the contracts you make to use the car park.
  • On entry to and while you are using the car park APCOA collects and processes certain data to make sure that the booking made by you and the conditions that apply to your booking (which include the terms set out above and those displayed at the car park are complied with and to enforce these where necessary. This may include obtaining the registered keeper’s name and address from the DVLA in order to send a Notice to Keeper, any related correspondence and any further notices if a Parking Charge becomes payable and/or remains unpaid.
  • APCOA will also use the data it collects for car park management such as reporting on vehicle turnover and repeat visits in order to improve the customer experience. The data we collect may include images of vehicles using the car park and/or their vehicle registration mark. This can be collected via ANPR cameras and/or attendants on site as well as via payment machines or terminals.
  • APCOA may share data from time to time as required to support the purposes stated above and may pass data to the police if we have reason to think that a crime may have taken place. If relevant and appropriate, APCOA may also, from time to time, share the data it has collected with a client who has appointed it to manage the Car Park.
  • When collecting the data specified above APCOA is the data controller. For more information, including details about your rights as a data subject you can view our ‘Privacy Policy’ by clicking on this link. Alternatively you can email us at dpo@apcoa.com or contact us by telephone on 0345 222 2100


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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Specific to Cherwell District Council

1.       SeasonA 5 day season ticket covers either Monday to Friday inclusive ONLY or Tuesday to Saturday inclusive ONLY depending on your chosen start date (you can select either a Monday or Tuesday start date). A 7 day season ticket covers Monday to Sunday inclusive                  

2.       Season Tickets may ONLY be used in respect of the vehicles specified on the permit.                                     

3.       Season Tickets, when issued become the sole responsibility of the purchaser for safe custody. A duplicate may be issued against a lost Season Ticket on payment of an administration charge of £16.00.                                    

4.       APCOA Parking reserves the right to refuse to issue a Season Ticket and/or to withdraw any such ticket from the applicant, if it found that the applicant is using the ticket for more than one vehicle at any one time or if the Season ticket is being misused in any other way.                                             

5.       Possession of a Season Ticket DOES NOT guarantee the holder a parking space in any Cherwell District Council owned car park.                                              

6.       The Council reserves the right to close any vehicle park at any time. When parking in a short stay car park (for whatever reason) a season ticket holder must purchase a ticket and abide by the rules of the vehicle park used.                               

7.       BANBURY Season Tickets can ONLY be used for parking in the following Council owned Long Stay Car Parks:-

Calthorpe Street (West)(Long Stay Area only)   /   South Bar (East) (Long Stay Area only)   /   South Bar (West)   /   North Bar (West)   /   Windsor Street   /   Compton Road   /   Riverside   /   Bolton Road  /  Spiceball North only, NOT in Chamberlaine Court or The Mill  

BICESTER Season Tickets can ONLY be used for parking in the following Council owned Long Stay Vehicle Parks:-

Cattle Market   

8.       Holders of Season Tickets, who acquire a different vehicle, may obtain a replacement ticket bearing the registration of the new vehicle, on surrender of the original ticket. The replacement ticket will be issued on payment of an administration charge of £16.00 and it will be valid for the remaining period on the original ticket.

9.       Refunds will be accepted against the surrender of the Season Ticket. The amount refunded will be based on the number of complete months left to run at the time the Season Ticket is received by the APCOA Parking. The original Season Ticket cost is divided by the number of months it was originally issued for and then multiplied by the number of complete months left up to  the date of expiry. An administration charge of £16.00 is then deducted to give the final refund amount.